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Porsche 912 / 912E  Heritage
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In the Movies

912 in SpygameJoule's 912In 'Spy Game' Robert Redford relies upon his Porsche 912 coupe.  Gavin Joule reports: "Hi Rick, My car was used for the movie 'Spy Game' starring Robert Redford (he drives) and Brad Pitt...... My car is easy to spot, here's some pointers if you're freeze framing.  1. Alarm detectors on inner door/window post (top apex of quarter window). 2. Hella (yellow) fogs. 3. Lowered suspension. 4. Polished Fuchs. 5. Passenger headrest lower than drivers. 6. Hella H4 (modern) headlamps.  I know for sure 'Bob' and Brad drove my car, and Brad even took Jenny around the lot!"  ( check out the cars in Chapters 4 and 18 on the DVD ).  Like racecar teams, film crews sometimes have multiple cars, and Kurt Mickelwait also reports his '69 912 " was one of the 912s used in the Movie "Spy Game". I use it as a Drivers Ed car and also run in time trials (first in class GT6 Potomac 2001). 1969 Irish Green, Webers 1720 much done to motor, suspension and brakes." 


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