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Current 912 Registry Magazines

Spring 2018 - Special Issue

Featured Articles:
  • Following Jeff's Line by Charles Danek
  • A Few Words by Peter Graham, Paula Golus, Morrie Larson
  • Tribute to Jeffery Donald Trask by Christopher Casler
  • Honoring Jeff Trask - A Look Back
  • Remembering a Quality Friend by Tony Vanacore
  • A Rendezvous to Remember by Harry Hoffman
In honoring Jeff, this issue is available to all visitors to 912 Registry.

Winter 2017

Featured Articles:
  • Sure Beats Flying; Crossing the Country in a 1976 912E by Bradley Brownell
  • 3rd Annual East Coast Rendezvous by Kevin Alloca
  • 2017 PCA Treffen Ashville by David Langston
  • Going Far by Peter Graham

Fall 2017

Featured Articles:
  • From The Editor's Desk by Mike Vriesenga
  • From Bliss to Bondo - Part 2 by Dan Wilis Hansen
  • The 20th Anniversary of the 912 Registry Website by Rick Becker
  • How to Spend 1000 Hours of Your Life with No Regrets by Russell Turpin
  • Stanford Hall - 2017 by Danny Mahar
  • Lobro Half-Axle Options by Peter Graham

Summer 2017

Featured Articles:
  • Dana Point Concours 2016 by Jeff Trask
  • Canyon Carving in the Rain by Mike Vriesenga
  • PATCHES Comes Together by David Langston
  • May 29, 2016: A Day That Will Live in Infamy by Kim Flint
  • Hill Country Rallye by Mike Vriesenga
  • Treffen Hill Country: Hyatt Lost Pines - Cedar Creek, Texas by Peter Graham
  • Multimeter Basics by Bob Ashcroft